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Bath Ideas to Soak Away Your Stress

Bathing can help you relax, unwind and de-stress

Rohan is a busy executive with a stressful travelling schedule most days of the month. He has found the perfect way to relax at the end of a hectic day on the move. Whenever he is travelling, he carries his favorite essential oils with him. A soak in fragrant waters and he feels ready for a soothing overnight sleep.

Rohan has found the perfect way to soak away his stress. So can you!

Do you tend to think of bathing as just a body cleansing routine with ‘wet, soap, rub, rinse, towel’ steps you can jump through one after another? Well, bathing is way more than that. If you are high on stress or fatigued, bathing can also be a mentally relaxing, de-stressing and energizing ritual.

We have some great bathing ideas and tips to help you along. Take a dip now.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are volatile essences of plants sourced from plants parts such as flowers, leaves, branches, bark, root etc using steam distillation or cold expression methods. Essential oils are nature-made blends of therapeutic aromatic compounds that carry characteristic fragrance and healing qualities of the plant.

Essential oils and bathing are a match made in the heaven. Just add 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil (lavender, peppermint, orange, ylang ylang, cedarwood, jasmine or any other) to the bath water, stir well and soak in to let the aromatic goodness relax you completely. Essential oils are deeply healing, so if you have specific healing needs, consult a trained aromatherapist for the best essential oils recommendations for you.

Note: Be sure to buy 100% pure essential oils without any vegetable oils or synthetic ingredients. Also, buy only from a reputed dealer who is known for quality products.

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Bath Salts

Bath salts create the benefits of mineral springs right in your own bathroom. These are basically blends of powdered mineral salts that are added to bathing water for better skin cleansing, detoxification and relaxation. Good quality bath salts contain not just a blend of healthy mineral salts, these also have cold pressed vegetable oils, real flower petals (dried and powdered) and essential oils added for superior skincare and mental relaxation.

Using bath salts is easy. Just dissolve a generous fistful or two of your chosen bath salt in water. Soak in blissfully. You can also mix this bath salt with some water and scrub it on your body for rejuvenating exfoliation.

Check Body Cupid Bath Salts. Made using sea salt, Epsom salt and other mineral salts plus sweet almond oil and therapeutic grade essential oils, these are available in a wide range of relaxing fragrances.

Bath & Shower Gels

What could be more enjoyable than a soak in a bathtub full of richly fragrant sudsy water?

Bath & shower gels and body washes are available in a range of exquisite fragrances that are great at giving you the classic bath experience where physical cleansing feels like emotional relief too. Just stir a dollop in the bathtub, create rich lather and soak in for relaxing relief.

Note: Be sure to choose a bath & shower gel or a body wash that’s completely free of harmful sulphates (dries skin), parabens (can cause hormonal upsets) and mineral oils (can clog pores, suffocate skin). Also take care to choose the ones that have cold pressed oils and butters (shea/ sweet almond/ olive/ apricot/argan/ safflower etc) plus botanical extracts and essential oils for holistic skincare and soothing relief.

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Some more tips to enhance your bathing joy and de-stressing benefits:
• Keep your bathroom neat and clean.
• Switch off harsh electrical lights. Light a few candles (scented candle would be even better) instead.
• Play soothing music to further enhance feeling of relaxation.
• Switch off your cellphone (or put it on silent mode) to ensure zero interruptions.
• Keep soft and fluffy cotton towels ready for after bath drying.
• Gently massage your body with a premium body lotion after towelling.

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